About Little Bear Paper Co.

I started Little Bear Paper Co. in March 2011. This also happened to be the same month that my twin girls turned one and I turned 30, so it seemed to be a good enough time to start a business too! "Little Bear" was a nickname given to me as a baby because my parents said that I growled a lot. I realized what they meant after having children of my own. Now a mom to four amazing girls, I enjoy more and more owning this business and having a creative outlet and getting to interact with my customers and make new friends in the process. My goal is to provide you with stylish and affordable invitations, gifts and stationery for all occasions that fit your personal style. We provide service to you that extends beyond the initial selection process and can include the design and layout of your logo, cards or invitations.

Little Bear Paper Co. is proud to carry some of the most unique and innovative stationery lines in the market. Each company was handpicked for its variety in products and designs, customization and the distinct perspective it brings to the customer. By partnering with these companies, we have access to 28 different brands/designers. We only offer the highest quality in stationery and personalized gifts. 

For more information, I can be reached at littlebearpaper@gmail.com or 281-560-3390